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4 Dentist-Approved Methods to Whiten Your Teeth

When you smile, the body releases endorphins and serotonin. These hormones promote happiness and reduce stress levels. This helps in improving overall health.

There’s no doubt having whiter teeth gives you more reasons to smile, thus boosting your mood. When you are happy, you are able to concentrate on your work and achieve your goals. Thinking positive improves brain functioning.

In this post, we are going to shed light on top, effective methods to whiten your teeth. Let’s begin.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

There are two reasons- stains and enamel thinning.

Smoking, tobacco products, and certain foods (such as coffee) can cause teeth stains. There are various foods that result in the yellowing of teeth.

Enamel, which is almost white, helps protect the internal structure. The next layer, dentin, is yellow-brown in color.

A teeth whitening kit is helpful in reducing discoloration. Whitening gels contain carbide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Gels containing a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide have a fast action and are more effective for surface stains.


Brush With Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as an effective tooth cleaning agent. Toothpaste containing this agent has antibacterial properties, thus reducing the risks of tooth decay.

Baking soda is effective in preventing bacteria growth. It neutralizes the effects of acid, thus preventing it from damaging your teeth.

No doubt this won’t help you whiten your teeth overnight. But, using it over time can provide great results.

How to use this remedy? Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 2 teaspoons of water, and make a paste. Use the paste to brush your teeth. Do this a few times a week.

Make Dietary Changes

What you eat has a direct impact not only on your physical or mental health but oral health as well. There are various foods that can darken your smile. The list includes red wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks, sugary sweets, and candies.

However, there are some foods that can help you whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. These include strawberries, apples, carrots, oranges, pineapples, yogurt, milk, and cheese. Add these foods to your daily diet and whiten your teeth naturally.

If you love growing plants, it’s a good idea to cultivate vegetables and fruits at home. This way, you can produce healthy foods that are good for your teeth.

In our previous post, we have provided quick tips on how to grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Click here to read it.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional method of improving oral hygiene.

You can use various oils to perform this teeth whitening strategy. The most common options are—coconut oil, sunflower oil, and sesame oil.

How to use this method?

Simply put one teaspoon of coconut oil into your mouth. Push & pull through the teeth. Do it for about 15 minutes. Spit the oil into a trash can.

There’s no scientific evidence on the effectiveness of oil pulling for teeth whitening. But, it’s worth trying because this method doesn’t cause any side effects. Many people agree that oil pulling provides amazing results when it comes to teeth whitening.

Oral Hygine

Maintain Oral Hygiene

Brush your teeth twice daily. Always use a soft flat headed toothbrush. Focus on the gum line. Prefer using a fluoride toothbrush.

Moreover, you should quit smoking and avoid snacking. Change your toothbrush every 3 months or when the bristles start to lose their stiffness. Visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and dental check-ups.

Maintaining oral hygiene will not only help you whiten your teeth but improve overall wellness. Some studies have shown that dental diseases can cause diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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3 Medical Marijuana Doctor Techniques To Re-hydrate Dried Cannabis Buds

Perhaps you have a fear about ‘complete lockdown’ so went for an evaluation from a medical marijuana doctor and stocked everything you will ever need, including buds. But now you have too much marijuana to handle, and the weather is drier than the Atacama desert. The buds might slowly dry out, in case you don’t do something about it starting today.

Can we re-hydrate cannabis buds?

Yes, we can! No matter whether you have a bulk of buds, or just enough to survive the weekend, keep them moisturized. Believe it or not! No one likes dried buds, although you can still smoke them.

That said, here you will find descriptions about techniques to keep your cannabis buds hydrated.

Note: In case you are not familiar with growers’ threats – too much moisture can cause formation of the mold on buds. Which means you will lose all your stash.

Medical Marijuana Doctor Re-hydration Technique (Takes only a couple of hours)

Once you received your MMJ card from OnlineMedicalCard and stashed your buds, here are some methods to effectively moisturize your dried-out buds. So, let’s jump to the first re-hydration technique.

Use Orange Peels

It is one of the most popular techniques. It’s easy to find orange peels, they are cheap, and probably someone would throw them anyway. You would also need one glass jar, an air-tight container, and a peeler. The steps are simple, all you need to do is put orange peel and dried cannabis buds in the same container for a couple of hours.

Pros: tasty citrus scent

Cons: overhydration 

Use Apple, Lettuce and White Bread

You can continue to experiment with other readily available items, for example, apples. A slice or two of apple will also work the same way as orange peel. It should ‘moisture fix’ your dried buds in a couple of hours.

Take a slice of iceberg, this will work perfectly. Since lettuce has water content, it will help you re-moisturize the dried buds. You can wrap lettuce in a paper towel, and put it in a container with buds. Similarly, you also use white bread to re-hydrate them.

Medical Marijuana Re-hydration Technique (Takes only a couple of days)

It’s Wednesday, and perhaps you are planning for Sunday evening’s session. Wait, what! Have all your buds dried up? Don’t worry, these techniques will solve your problem.

Use Cotton Balls

Ok, this method would take a couple of days (but you can always stay proactive for your next session). The steps are simple once again, all you need to do is wet a cotton ball and wrap it in tinfoil paper (you can also use a plastic wrap). Put it into a container alongside dried buds. Once you do that, use a toothpick to poke holes in tinfoil paper to release the moisture. Repeat these steps over a couple of days and make your marijuana fresh and resinous.

Use Paper Towel

Another way to moisturize-fix the dried leaves is using paper towels instead of cotton wool balls. The process is the same, take a paper towel and wet it with some water. Place a wet paper towel and dried buds in an airtight container. Ensure to place a wet paper towel in a ziplock bag first and pierce the side; allow the moisture to escape.

Pros: Good results 

Cons: Can take up to 2-3 days 

Medical Marijuana Doctor Re-hydration Technique (Takes only a couple of weeks)

The methods mentioned in this section are the best ways to re-moisturize your buds as suggested by medical marijuana doctors in New York. They might take more time, but results are very steady. You might need to spend more time on planning, as these methods might over-hydrate your cannabis buds leading to the development of mold.

Fresh Cannabis Buds

One of the best ways to re-hydrate your buds is to stash them with freshly picked buds. The technique is simple and your stash might develop a new aroma. Ensure to store your complete stash in a clean and dry place.

Use Humidifiers

Let’s take things a step further. The best way to reduce any chance of dehydration is to create a thriving environment for your flowers. So, instead of using a glass jar, you can invest in a humidifier with built-in humidity control. There are plenty of containers available online, you can compare from different prices, and choose a size that works perfectly for you.

Use Moisturizing packs

The last method is as simple as it can get. Nowadays, you find humidipaks online; they can remove moisture and help you to re-hydrate the dried-out flowers. These packs are available in three different sizes, you can compare and accommodate any as per your need.

Rooting For You

Now you know the best techniques and methods to re-hydrate your dried-out cannabis leaves. Always ensure to monitor the moisture level. Too much of it, and you might cause more harm than good. Extra moisture can lead to mold, so observe and smell your stash every day. Also, in case you don’t want to invest in a humidifier, go for a steamer. Don’t forget to get a MMJ card from before purchasing your buds.


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