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5 Activities to Keep Your Children Busy During Holiday Breaks

5 Activities to Keep Your Children Busy During Holiday Breaks

Even though kids love their holidays, there comes a time where they get sick of staying at home with nothing to do. This boredom might cause them to start causing ruckus around the house. So the best thing that the parents can do is look for engaging activities to keep the kids busy. These activities would not only keep them busy and also help them learn something new, which is precious for someone at that age.

Here is a list of 5 interesting activities that can keep your kids busy during their idle holiday breaks.

Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

If there is an interesting hobby that you must encourage your child to engage in, it is learning how to play a musical instrument. Music calms and soothes the soul. Which is why it is something that will help your child develop a positive outlook for his or her entire life.


Developing the right hobbies at an early age can become a means of earning for them at a later stage in life too. So always try to advise your child to start learning such worthwhile talents and keep getting better at them with age. Of course it is not something that you can force them to do but you can give a little push in the right direction and let them choose the path they want to take by learning the instrument that seems the most interesting to them.

Reading Interesting Books

Nothing beats the gripping interest of an interesting novel or book that is instigated in the heart of a child. More so than even the cartoons on television. We know it is difficult to get your child interested in reading books in a world that has so intensely shifted to the visual platform only, but try.


If not reading big, hefty books get them into reading something with a bit more life like comics.

Blogging or Vlogging

A new and modern activity that probably your child is better aware of than you is blogging or vlogging. Blogging is writing down about the day to day aspects of your life and vlogging is visually recording whatever happens in a normal day. Out of these two, your child can choose the one they most prefer. Or do both. Whatever works or interests your kid, give them the leeway to be truly creative.


It is not even a bad career choice as per the statistics around the world in today’s age and time. However, if the children are too young, do not let them engage in online activities without proper supervision.


Not many people are into gardening but they honestly should be. However, if you are a keen gardener yourself, then this is one activity you must encourage your child to get into as well. You can even make gardening the activity that you all do together as a family. It is a good time consuming practice but one which produces substantial and productive results.


In fact you can teach your child to grow all organic fruits and veggies in your backyard quite easily too. They will learn the value of doing the hard work and reaping the fruits as well.

Solving Online Puzzles or Quizzes

Nowadays there are so many options to keep a kid busy. Solving puzzles is an undefeated one that will always make your kid smile and get their mental cogs spinning. There are many fun quizzes like what’s your IQ or a quirk generator that will keep the minds of your kids running. So try to get your kids interested in them as well.