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Lifestyle Changes To Enhance Your Memory

Our memory is literally our journal. A journal that contains everything, from minute details of the amazing days we spent with our loved ones to the incidents that moulded us into who we are today.

Usually, when we read ‘enhancement of memory’ we tend to associate it with aged people, which actually should not be the case. Memory loss is not an issue affected by age factor alone, there can be innumerable reasons for it.

Anyone, irrespective of their age can struggle with the memory so this is an effort to address you all, who wouldn’t mind some lifestyle changes that can help you improve your memory.


Meditation has been in the limelight for its benefits for quite some time and has certainly attracted thousands into practicing meditation. From body to brain, it can help in every aspect one can imagine.

Not just that, meditation can help you relieve stress like no other technique.

Dedicating just 30 to 45 minutes to meditation every day can do wonders and the only feeling you would have for this one lifestyle change is gratefulness. Your mind is going to thank you for this, trust me.



Everyone loves it, but is everyone blessed with the best of it?

As much as people love the idea of sleeping, it is very unfortunate that several people cannot enjoy a sound sleep and this certainly affects your mind and eventually your memory.

There are many proven ways to improve sleep and sleeping aids are NOT one of them. This takes me to the next point, that is…

Avoid Sleeping Aids:

Avoid sleeping pills, antidepressants, antianxiety, any hypertension drugs as much as you can, this would help you with your memory too.

These pills may help you calm your nerves for some time but definitely leave their mark. The side effects can be irreversible and it is extremely important to consider these points before becoming dependent on these aids and pills.

Hot Chocolate

Add Cocoa:

Adding cocoa to your diet can help with your memory. That means you can have a cup of hot chocolate with no regrets whatsoever.

Cocoa has flavonoids that have cognitive benefits. There is a whole study that supports this point. You can check  it out and rest assured. There is evidence that supports the neurocognitive enhancement and neuroprotective benefits of cocoa.


I have been supporting the medicinal use of cannabis and swear by its benefits. There is evidence that has proven cannabis is beneficial, if taken in moderate amounts and one of them is improving memory.

You can try any method of using cannabis but I personally recommend and prefer to consume it in the form of gummies. Delta-8 THC gummies have been a part of my routine since long and let me tell you, these help with sleep too.


These are natural proven ways  to improve memory and the results may not be instant but if included in your day-to-day routine, all these little changes can help you a lot, in a myriad of ways, memory is not the only aspect that shall be affected.

Consider trying them out and let me know if you feel any difference.