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Sights You Can’t Miss While Visiting Irvine

irvine city council

Irvine is among the most well-planned cities in Orange County and is a gateway to one of the finest places in southern California. It’s a 40 minutes drive from L.A, which goes through attractive landscapes. The Southern California coast attracts visitors from all over the state and many tourists come here for its beautiful long beaches.

Various corporations in the semiconductor and technology sector, have their local and international headquarters in Irvine. If you are an avid gamer then you might be familiar with the name Blizzard Entertainment.

If you are visiting Irvine for an official meet, it’s a good idea to stay back, have a closer look into the city’s lifestyle and go home with a few pictures for your book. Let’s face it, official trips make you feel more content if you also get a chance to be familiar with the local culture and tourist attractions. Irvine city council has taken various steps to promote transparency in Irvine’s travel and tourism industry.

Let us have a look at must visit spots in Irvine.

Tanaka Farms


Tanaka farms are owned by Glen Tanaka and his family. Following the footsteps of his great grandparents, who immigrated to America from Hiroshima in early 1900, Tanaka studied agricultural business and started growing wholesome strawberries and tomatoes. He expanded the business and started distributing across the country.

Today, Tanaka farms is the only family run farm in Irvine, which allows tourists to visit for leisure and also hosts educational trips. It is spread across 30 acres, where you can take a wagon ride to have an insight into how it looks and works. It is a great place to visit if you are a fan of wide farm yards.

San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary


San Joaquin wildlife sanctuary is located in wetland Irvine and covers up a land of 300 acres. In the mid 50’s and 60’s this place was used for farming and as a duck hunting range. Sea and Sage organises, field trips to San Joaquin wildlife sanctuary, giving you a chance to get one step closer to nature. You would love the mammoth lake trips and nature walk. Morning time is great to come for a nature walk here, in the winters you can even see baby Mallards learn to swim.

Play Eighteen Holes At Oak Creek Golf Club



Oak Golf Club is a true golfer’s haven,  it’s a secluded gem in southern California filled with beautiful landscapes and lush green patches. If an 18 holes golf game has been in your bucket list, Oak Golf Club is your spot. Though, you need to take a day out to visit here, beautiful lakes in the course will make it up to you. Tom Fazio who designed this course is among the most respected golf course designers. As you will step in you’ll know it’s going to be a fantastic game, irrespective of whether you win or lose.

Bommer Canyon Trails


Bommer Canyon trails attract hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts for strolling in narrow valleys and steep sides. You can rent a bike from a local vendor and tour along the paved bike trail. Bommer canyon opens at 7 in the morning and closes by the sunset, so leaving early would be the best.

Irvine Global Village Festival


If you are visiting Irvine in the month of September, you must visit Bill Barber Park to attend the global village festival. It happens every year during this time and gathers the whole city comes to experience more than 100 dance and musical  performances. It is also a great spot to get together with people from different cultures and taste different cuisines from around the world.

Irvine Museum


In the early 1900’s impressionists would walk miles and come to California to capture the beautiful landscapes on the canvas. Irvine museum is located in the centre of the city and contains many such paintings. It attracts art enthusiasts from all places and also promotes work of painters from our generation. Irvine museum hosts many exhibitions to display new artworks.

Laugh it Off at Irvine Improv


When you have had your day, whether good or bad, Irvine Improv club could conclude it well at the sundown. It has been voted the best comedy club in the whole Orange County and hosts a variety of comedy acts every other day. It is a franchise of Comedy Club and is also a hub for great food and cocktails. The Improv is located in various cities including, LA, New Jersey, New York, Kentucky. Many upcoming performers have performed here and is a great starting point for future acts.