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7 Free Things Every Traveller Must Do In London

If you haven’t visited London already, it’s definitely on your bucket list. You cannot deny its charm that attracts you like a glamorous and elegant temptress. If that makes sense?

But, here’s the catch. London can be really heavy on your wallet. It is renowned as one of the most expensive cities in the world. But, don’t let your hopes down. While the city can be extravagant to our tastes, it can also be the best place for freebies. From museums to galleries to live music shows. You can find several free things to do in London. And even if you can afford everything comfortably, wouldn’t you like anything with a ‘free’ tag?

So, before you get into your travel apps and start planning a visit to the home of Big Ben. I have a list of free things that you can enjoy in London.


Witness works of some of the greatest artists


The best part about London is that almost all of its museums and art galleries have a free entry. Except when they have special exhibitions, you can visit these treasures of time without a penny. Take a trip to the National Gallery for works of the famous post-impressionist painter Van Gogh and Johannes Vermeer’s Baroque style paintings. Or visit the Science Museum for a space adventure. It hosts a collection of satellites, rockets and even a space toilet. If you are interested in seeing dinosaurs, mammals and understanding Earth’s evolution, hop in the Natural History Museum.


Free live music shows


Food and good music. What could be a better combination than this?

London has an array of delicious cuisines. And while you feed your taste buds, the street artists of London will feed your ears with melodious tunes. Whether you prefer classics or commercial pop, you’ll find your choice of music at every corner. Royal Opera House hosts Lunchtime Recitals which are free of cost. Likewise, St Martin’s holds in-house worship music concerts for visitors. But, if you are one with a modern taste, visit Covent Garden. Its streets are filled with very talented buskers and street performers.


A visit to the Harry Potter world


Are you a Potterhead? If Yes, then London is the place where you’d want to be. There are several filming locations here, which are free for tourists to visit. You may know of the infamous platform 9 ¾ . Well, Kings Cross Station in London has a Platform 9 ¾. Not only that, the wall has a luggage trolley halfway embedded in it. Go get a picture clicked here, for free. Another filming location here is the Leadenhall Market, known as the Diagon Alley in the movies. And Borough Market which you know as the hang out place Leaky Cauldron. All of these locations can be visited free of cost.

Capture the street art


London has some of the best street graffiti. And you better catch it in time as it keeps on changing. The city is filled with colorful locations that will help you out with some stunning Instagram worthy shots. One such spot is Leake Street tunnel which is 300 metres long and is covered with graffiti all the way. You’ll always find someone there with a bag of spray paint creating a new masterpiece. Similarly, Brick Lane is overflowing with spots like Stolen Gallery and Corbet Place.


Free city tours


London is home to walking tours for its visitors. They will take you around the city, from Westminster to London Bridge, on foot. For free. It’s a great way to get to know the city and also find out which places you’d like to spend more time exploring. Though these are free, you can always tip your guide if you liked the tour. After you are done exploring the city, go for a food tour or a beer tour.  You can find several of these kinds in London. Before choosing a tour, you can go through their websites. Local and freelance travel agents also use a online portfolio builder to display what they have to offer. Go through it and select the tour as per your likeness.


Enjoy some time with nature



There is no doubt about London’s metropolitan character. But, even then, the city has several pockets of green at every corner. One of the most well known is Hyde Park. It has a lake which is perfect for a calm time and picnics. If you visit Richmond Park, you can witness freely roaming herds of deer at the Park. For tourists interested in birdwatching, St James’s Park will entertain you with a variety of birds like blackbird, robins, woodpeckers etc.


Have encounters with animals



If you are traveling with your family and friends, take them to the Farms of London for a good time. Visit the Vauxhall City Farm to interact with cute farm animals like ferrets, alpacas and rabbits. You can also visit the Mudchute Park and Farm which has a duck pond and a petting zoo. The Farm is also home to a variety of flora and beautiful views. Also, you can get a horse riding lesson here if you want.


Who knew a trip to London could be cost-effective right? But, now you know. So, travel smart and enjoy these freebies in London. You can thank me later.


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