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How to Protect Your Canines Paws in Winters


Your canine’s feet are sensitive. And to protect that beautiful high five, you’ve to be careful about the safety of their paws. Winters are always tough on all pups. And if you have an emotional support dog at your home, it’s necessary to save them from winter woes. So, what can we do for them at our best? Snow is almost ready to capture the roads, but is your pooch prepared for the same?

Surely, No! The freezing temperature is all set to create pain and cracks in their paw. Now, it’s the time to be proactive and provide them and their feet the best winter care. Here, smart planning for winters can help a lot to protect the walking assets of your furry. This blog will help you in knowing the ways to prevent paw damage in dogs. So, let’s read to find them out.

Limit Outdoor Trips


The more you’ll be regular and conscious about your dog’s heels, the more efficient decisions you’ll take. Indeed, many breeds love to explore the snow during the cold season, but sadly, you’ve to stop them from frolicking ice. Exposure to the snow elements for long can be hazardous to the soft paws of your pooch. Of course, you cannot bind them from playing in the ice, but you can make a time table for them to follow. Heading inside after an hour of ice playing is the best way to protect them from the winter allergies.

Maintain a Yard For Your Dog


There’s no doubt that dogs need to play. You can limit their outdoor visits, but stopping them from playing inside will not make any sense. So, the best you can do for your dog is to provide him a beautiful backyard to play inside the house. Make sure that your yard is ice-free, and it’s properly maintained. Don’t go for using harmful deicers in your yard. But if in any case, you use deicers, try to look out for dog-friendly deicers. Additionally, using rock salt is also not a great idea in a dog home. So, pick the elements suitable for your dog and make your home patio a pup’s garden.

Use Dog Leggings And Paw Covers


Dog leggings and paw covers together are a new big thing in the dog world. People who love to travel with their dogs are not taking them out without leggings. And as winters are here, matching leggings with paw covers are new trends. I know it’s a funny moment when your pooch comes in those little shoes, but we cannot deny necessities. Masses all over the world are promoting doggy snow boots, as these are an excellent way to guard the feet of dogs. Snow boots protect dogs from frostbite, coming in contact with harmful allergic agents, and also from drying out. All in all, these boots are the single most solution for all the safety issues related to your dog’s paws.

Trim Often


Often dogs with voluminous coats have hair growth between their pads. When these breeds play with ice, hair between feet collect the ice and harm the pads. But, this is a case when you don’t pay attention to trimming. So, have you got the idea? Inspecting your dog’s pad every now and then can save you from taking your dog to the vets. Buy an excellent sharp hair cutter and cut the extra length of the hair. This will at least ensure that snow will not stick to the hair of dogs. And clipping also reduces the risk of frostbite. Also, unkempt nails should be trimmed. Many dog owners use paw wax to give an extra cover of protection to their furry’s paw.

Mind Cleaning up Paws After Walks


You care for your pooch, and there’s no doubt about it. And that’s the reason you take him to walks, buy him clothes and give him the best winter care. But, you’re not done here. Your dog needs a bit more pampering and attention. For that, after coming from walks, use warm water and wash your dog’s pads. Washing ensures the removal of all the debris accumulated between their pads. Then take a soft towel and wipe off the water, and apply a mild moisturizer. However, keep in mind that winter fun comes for them once in a year just like you. So, let them play and give them everything needed for their paws beauty.

Why is Winter Paw Care Necessary?


A playful pooch is the most adorable thing on this planet. The threesome of snow, ice, and cold temperature are toxic to the lovely feet of your dog. Also, damp snow can result in painful paws. Unfortunately, the problems often start from legs and end up in the veterinarian homes. So, it’s necessary to be particular about winter paw care to save money, time, vet visits, and your emotional support friend. And logically, I don’t think you can even imagine a crying dog. Can you? And with your pooch clean and happy you can have the best snuggly sleepovers with them.



Winters will pass on, but once you lost the healthy feet of your dog, it’s hard to bring back the smile on his face. So, better prepare your dog’s paws for the long winter nights, and let them feel happy and healthy. And don’t forget that winters bring snow for everyone, including your dogs. So, instead of regretting later, prep up today to help your furries maintaining the beauty of their feet.

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