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The Coolest Pet Cafes Around The World

Coolest Pet Cafes Around The World

Are you an animal lover? Do you love eating out? If yes, I have a treat for you! Food and adorable animals, together! What else is needed to make your day? Amazing food is what we look for when we go out on our off days.

I personally decide the place to eat by looking at its surrounding. Not just the food, but the overall experience is what matters to me.

 I’m sure you also want your experience to be the best. Adding an adorable four-legged fur friend in your company when you go out can change everything for good.

Be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or any other animal you love, one thing is sure, they’re all adorable. I’m talking about pet cafes. Getting an ESA letter has it’s own advantages but nothing is cooler than having brunch with a beautiful dog sitting right next to you.

And, if you are going on a date and your partner loves animals too; take her to a pet cafe and you are already halfway through. Imagine yourself with your date, amazing food, and an adorable fur buddy. What else do you need to call it an amazing day? 

Dining with these creatures of all kinds is an experience you’ll never forget. It all started with cat cafes, and now animal cafes have slowly become more popular all over the world. The first-ever cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998, followed by one in Japan in 2004. After that, the idea started spreading to the rest of the world.

Now, we have so many unique animal cafes all around the world, in different countries. It’s a treat for animal lovers. I remember, when I went to a dog cafe for the first time. It was amazingly beautiful to be there!

So, if you are a traveler and visit different countries quite often, remember these names I’m about to tell you. These animals cafes at different places are the coolest ones; so, next time you’re in these cities, visit these adorable animal cafes.

The Sakuragaoka Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

Japan is already very beautiful and then they have many animal cafes, one of the unique ones is the Sakuragaoka Cafe. Enjoy your meal at this unique goat-themed cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. But, the meal is not the only thing famous about this cafe, you’ll also be greeted by Sakura and Chocolat, the two resident goats. It is a delight to watch these two adorable goats snuggle in their enclosure and calmly chewing their food.

You can pet them and even take selfies with them. This cafe is beautifully designed and has arty and goat-themed decor. This cafe also has some lovely souvenirs for you to take home. You can ask the staff for treats to feed the goats.

Sakuragaoka Cafe

Sakura and Chocolat, these two goats are also free to roam around the cafe. They do as they please. They have their own goat toys and man, it is a pleasure to watch them play. The Sakuragaoka Cafe has a calm and peaceful environment and has a very friendly, cool vibe to it.

It’s a good place for lunch and dinner, their food is amazing. The owner knows very well about how to take care of goats and know for a fact that the goats only require about 4-5 hours of sleep per day; so they open up till late, 4 am in fact! It’s a laid back cafe and you can definitely find yourself relaxing.

Cafe Two’s And Four’s – Pune, India

Cafe Two’s and Four’s is more than just a cafe, it lets you pet four-legged friends. If you are a pet lover, especially dogs, you must visit this one of the best dog cafes in India. You can even take your four-legged companion there; they offer pet grooming and boarding, and daycare facilities. They also have a bakery that makes doggie treats.

You can plan your fur friend’s birthday party with other pups, or you can just take him out for a treat. This is a perfect place for you and your pooch. This cafe has a widespread lawn for dogs to play in and offers a separate menu for two-legged and four-legged. The recycled and hand-painted tires, trunks, and chairs give a very relaxing and homely vibe to this cafe.

This cafe also has a little library of their own with informative books on pets and cooking. You can check these books out while your furry companion can roll and play in the lawn.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Bethnal Green is London’s first cat cafe. It is no less than a heaven for cat lovers, it’s like a dream come true for them. The interiors give feels of a classic English tea room, and the cat-friendly decor offers many cat toys, cushions and a cat wheel to play with for the kitties.

There are twelve adorable cats at this cafe and all of them are well looked after and strict hygiene rules are followed. You can enjoy a range of sweet and savory treats while stroking the cafe’s cats. While planning a visit to this cat cafe, do check their event schedule and book in advance, as they don’t take walk-ins.

This cafe offers many events such as per the first-aid course, coloring activities and high tea events. You’ll feel relaxed and if you are also looking to unwind with some pet therapy, this is a perfect place for you.

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Dog Cafe – Los Angeles, California

Dog Cafe

This is the first dog cafe in the U.S. opened up in early 2017. This cafe is filled with many adorable pups. The cafe experience is not just about scheduling in some facetime with friendly dogs, but it is also about changing the way dogs are adopted.

The Dog Cafe is part shelter and part animal cafe. You can come and play and connect with the rescue dogs, help socialize them and maybe even take one home if you happen to fall in love with a cute canine. Also, like most animal cafes, you’ll need to book your spot ahead of time.

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