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How To Ask Your Friends For Moving Help

Sometimes moving from one place to another can be too big a task to take on by yourself. And, admit it, it’s not even fun to do all the packing and moving alone, not to mention the risk of damaging your belongings and injuring yourself too. You are no Hulk, my friend.

How To Ask Your Friends For Moving Help

In this scenario, you have basically two options, either hire professional movers or rely on the kindness of your friends.

If you can afford to hire the professionals, then go for that option, it’s the best choice I would give you. But, if you are facing the month-end troubles, call up your squad for help.

Now, imagine you’re looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend and all of a sudden, a friend calls you and ask if you could help them with their move.

You’ll probably make an excuse. Most of us do that, so don’t feel guilty, human nature you see.

But, what if you’re the one needing help for moving? Scared that your friends might say no? Don’t worry, we got your back. Here are a few tricks to convince your friends to help you.

Bribe Your Friends

The first step in convincing your friends to help you with your move is to bribe them. And bribing your friends doesn’t mean paying them or sliding some bucks under the table. It’s very disrespectful to your friends.

Well, you know your friends. You know what they like, use that. Sweeten the deal with dinner, brunch, drinks, or coffee. Assure them that this won’t be just hard work.

Bribe them with a treat, a movie, or a massage session. And do not forget, a pizza can do wonders.

Appreciate The Favor They’re Doing

Recognize that what you’re asking for isn’t an easy task. Nobody likes packing and moving, still, your friends will roll up their sleeves and do it with a smile on their faces.

They’re canceling their weekend plans and sacrificing their weekend for you. So, it’s important that you let them know that you appreciate their sacrifice.

You don’t have to overdo it, but let your friends know that you appreciate them helping you. Be subtle.

Give Your Friends Enough Lead Time

Their time is just as valuable as yours. So, it’s important to show consideration towards your squad by contacting them as soon as you plan the move.

No one likes the last-minute calls. Even if your friends want to help you, not asking them before the last day may not go in your favor. You can’t expect them to cancel their plans and come for your help.

So ask far in advance. Try to give your friends as much notice as possible, a week or more is ideal. So that they can schedule their weekend to help you.

Be Frank And Specific

Be completely honest about how much work is to be done. If you have plenty of heavy furniture for moving, then they need to know. You can’t just surprise them with a load of furniture when they reach there to help you out.

Also, when we hear “moving”, we think of big stuff. Packing of a lot many boxes, shifting heavy sofas, coffee tables, and other heavy items. Let your friends know what you really need them for. Is it just packing or moving stuff to the truck?

Tell them the plan, so that they are mentally prepared for the work.

Make It Fun

No doubt there will be some hard work to do when it comes to moving. But, you can make moving a fun task too. Especially, when you’re doing it with your friends. Even the punishments can be bearable when you’re with your friends, so why not this?

Put in some work to think about what all you can do. Maybe throw in music and snacks. Play an album and sing along, order pizzas for everyone with some drinks. When making a playlist, take into account the music taste of your friends. Make a solid playlist and go for a balance here with the genres.

Refreshment is a gesture that goes a long way. And, brownies or cookies can magically make every situation a little bit better. Keep taking some breaks in between the work process. This helps in dealing with the exhaustion of the moving process.

Don’t Be Bossy

While watching others handle your things might ignite the inner tyrant in you, always keep one thing in mind, they’re doing you a favor. They are sacrificing their time, rest and plans for you. The last thing you will want to do is being rude and bossy.

You will need to guide your friends to tasks. But that doesn’t mean you have to act bossy. Supervise and offer instructions, but be diplomatic and patient. Don’t just keep barking orders at everyone.

There’s a difference between aggressively asking for help and assertively asking for help. Don’t fall on the first end. Watch for your tone when talking to them.

Be respectful and clear with your requests. They’re helping you out of kindness.

Thank Your Friends

You should feel grateful that you have such good friends who came to help you out with your move. Show gratitude and appreciation you feel towards your pals.

Just thank you notes won’t be enough.

Come up with some thank you gifts at the end of the day. It can be some personalized item that you think friends will appreciate.

Feed your moving crew. With all this lifting and packing, comes hunger. Be sure to feed your lovely friends. Cook something yourself to show you’re thankful.

Also, you can also throw some beers after the move is done. Beer will relax your friends after a long and tiring move.

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Offer To Return The Favor

Another way to thank your friends is to reassure them that you’re ready to help them when the right time comes. Be the first to volunteer to help whenever needed.

This is easy but speaks volumes. Offering help in the future is more important than you think. It will let your friends know that you appreciate their efforts and sacrifice.

Be ready to help them when they need it. And hey, you might just get the free pizza and beer out of it.

Make your own ‘Avengers’ team with your friends for your move. And believe me, there won’t be a ‘Thanos’.

Moving is a difficult and very difficult to do it by yourself. So, be polite when asking for help. And, if your friends are not able to help, don’t hold grudges against them and hire professionals for the move. Look for reliable Jersey City Movers online and you are good to go!

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