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How to Identify A Fake Emotional Support Animal Letter

An emotional support animal lover rides to battle against a host of troubles. Very often people in need of emotional support seek assistance.

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Considering the aspects of emotional health. Especially, mental health requirements such as emotional support animal letter – one needs to understand the basics first.

Don’t find yourself bewildered if you were rejected by your landlord or by the airport authorities. Most vitally do not give into fake doctors. They are both weapons of emotional health destruction. This is why we summon all the animal lovers to delve deep into this write-up. Know what your sole rights as an ESA letter buyer are and how will you protect what is yours.  

Watch out for unlicensed mental health professional 

Legitimate ESA letter from a licensed mental health practitioner should have the following:

  1. Federal laws make it necessary for any doctor to have a valid license of the residing state. Whether practicing as a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist. Therefore, have your doctors’ license checked for the same residency as you before applying for an ESA letter online. 
  2. License renewal varies from state to state. So just make sure that you are consulting a practitioner with a non-expired license. 
  3. If you fail to provide for a shred of conclusive evidence supporting a valid affirmation from the doctor. You are likely to lose the validity of it all. 
  4. The letter recommended by your mental health professional has to be written on a letterhead. It is vital to ensure official validity. 

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Do not register your pet as an ESA

For any animal to qualify as an emotional support animal only a valid letter is required. Beware of services that first ask you to register. To avail the benefits of airline and housing the laws clearly state that there is no legitimate registry. 

The nuances of registration and getting a letter are less known. Consequently, people fall into the trap of registering online. Trust people who tell you not to register but give you an ESA letter that is authentic on every parameter. 

Issuance and expiry date are must on emotional support animal letter

From the date of issuance to expiry date the time period on any letter should not be more than one year. If anyone has issued a letter for more than two years. it is definitely fake! According to law, no particular individual has the power to do it. So beware of such practices. Also, do not forget to renew your letter once it has expired. Because an expired ESA letter is also considered invalid under the FHA and ACAA laws.

A screening form from a MD or LMHP is necessary

There is a well-known and common understanding between the doctor and patient. A doctor will never give you medicines by just looking at you. The severity and depth of any disease have to be tested and verified first. Just like the letter for your emotional support animal. 

Screening is part of this procedure. Any medical service or practitioner giving a detailed retrospect on your condition should first perform a thorough check. Only after the condition has been verified and written, only then should you completely trust the service provider.

It can be extremely challenging to fight the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. Especially considering the facets of modern lifestyle – Most Americans face mental health issues. In turn, it leads to a rise in suicidal attempts. So make sure you read all the facts stated above before applying for an emotional support animal letter. 

Medical service providers focus on providing the best solutions. Solutions that are trustworthy and customer-oriented. One of them includes fulfilling everything under the guidance of the law. 

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