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Health Benefits of Having A Dog With an ESA Letter

Having your dog run into your arms…Ah, the feels! Yes, I do have an ESA letter and live with my terrier without any hassles. 

Why you should get an ESA letter for your dog

It is amazing how innocent they are. They do these simple things which just make us fall in love with them all over again. All they got to do is roll their eyes. And there comes the Cupid again. 

Do you have a dog? If not, then get one. Your life will change for the better. I got mine about 6 months back and the ESA letter about 4 months back. I suffer from anxiety and in just months he has been able to improve my condition that the medications were not able to for the past 2 years. 

Love! Its power has felt by many. I understand it now. Humans with all their logic can never comprehend emotions as they do. As they go, they know more about humanity more than humans. Yes, ironic! 

Okay… So let us now take a look at how these tail-waggers prove to be great for our health: 

Sniffed it Out

Dogs have this uncanny knack of picking up our emotions and moods. And that is probably why they make such close bonds with us.

Dogs have a heightened sense of smell. They can detect changes in the human body. So next time when your dog is acting differently without any reason then you should probably make a visit to the doctor. Let’s see what the fact says. According to a study, a dog can sniff out lung cancer with 99% accuracy and breast cancer with about 88% accuracy.  

Let’s Get Movin

Are you lazy?

A dog in your life could change this. No! That doesn’t mean it is trouble. Having these tail-waggers in your life means you will stay active and even go out more. And that you should. Now that you have a dog, you need to take him out for a walk. It will be your responsibility. So, what may seem a bit difficult at first will surely help you get fitter.

Waggers a Doc

Dogs have been medically proven to help people suffering from mental and emotional conditions. And that is why the idea of “emotional support animals” came about. They are the perfect human companions. With all the love and care they provide, we find the strength to fight anxiety, stress, depression, or PTSD. 

Love and compassion are two things that they give in abundance. Feeling lonely, get a dog and experience life from a perspective you have never seen. Don’t agree? Just pat a dog and realize how effective that is.

How You Doin?

Socializing is very important in life. But to some it doesn’t come as easy it does to some. Social anxiety is a condition where people find it difficult to interact with others. Mental conditions often affect people who feel lonely. So?

A dog in your life could help you with that. We have already established that they are the perfect companions, but also they are great mediators. Don’t know what or how to talk to people. Well, dogs are great ice breakers. Talk about your dog, it is a great social interchange. Take it out for a walk and see for yourself talking to people is not so difficult anymore. Right?

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Yes, having a dog in your life means happiness and optimism. They work on your psychology better than some psychiatrists do. As a wise man said, “There is no mightier power than that of love.” So, get an ESA letter for your dog and experience life with the happiness and love you deserve. 

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