Black and Blum

Black and Blum

Dan Black and Martin Blum formed Black and Blum in 1998 and featured at many East London Design Shows. We are delighted to stock a number of their products, with their lunch boxes and especially "the ice bear" already an early candidate for most popular product in the store.

Black and Blum's new collection has arrived!!

Building on the success in the store of the eau good drinking bottle and box appetit lunch boxes, Black and Blum have expanded their ranges and colourways and so have we.

Talking of water, we have the new eau carafe for table water that offers the same filter system with a sleek glass bottle that holds over a litre.

With new eau good coloured water bottles in blue and green, box appetit in Ocean and Orange as well as Lime, we have the brand new aluminium sandwich box and bamboo lid. 

Finally fret no longer, the ice bears are back back back.