July/August 2016

Masoudi comes to Ada Street

Masoudi London is a collaboration brand featuring pieces designed and made by independent Middle Eastern artists and designers. These include Jewllery, accessories and homeware items that are mostly unique one-of-a-kind pieces delicately handmade with love. 

Nabi London

Nabi London hand design each piece from start to finish so all their pieces are unique - Irregularities add character, resulting in each piece taking on it’s own beautiful identity, with a touch of humour. 


Print Sale continues this weekend with 10% of all prints and orders in all stores with fantastic new East London prints from Tomartacus



Cockney Sparrow

Cockney Sparrow

Beyond Thrilled

Beyond Thrilled

Dieter Braun

Dieter Braun

Indie Prints

Indie Prints

For The Youngsters

For The Youngsters


The YippieYo Crossbuggy

Are you tired of pushing your stroller up and down the same old road? Enjoy the freedom of an off-road adventure with the brand-new YippieYo Crossbuggy. Come down to our Ada Street store and test out the Crossbuggy and pick up a promotional voucher worth £120 off the cost of purchase.

The Crossbuggy is great fun for up to two kids (1-6 years), offering enhanced off-road freedom and mobility. Available in various colours, it is easily foldable for storage and transport and conforms to all certified quality and safety standards

Cockney Sparrow at Design Store

Jude has lived in Bow E3 for 18 years and draws her inspiration from traditional East London culture, and, in particular Cockney Rhyming Slang. An experienced graphic designer, Jude previously worked as international creative director for two global media brands where she split her time between London, New York and Tokyo. Working from her studio in Bow, under her own name and the Cockney Sparrow brand, Jude's bold designs explore the juxtaposition of the traditional and contemporary.




Wooden Jewellery from Turpentine.

Not that sort of Turpentine, but new jewellery from Turpentine Design. Created by in-house designer Jude de Berker, and inspired by her dad's carpentry workshop, she has produced a range of jewellery that mixes solid walnut wood with brushed steel, copper and brass.

We are delighted to have the full range of the collection in our stores right now

Slow Lighting

One of the great things about having a shop is when great design literally walks through the door. Well in the case of Slow Lighting that is exactly what happen a couple of weeks ago when designer and inspiration behind Slow, Luke Rose walked into our Stoke Newington shop with his latest creation.

The 'Podium Lamp' is a table top lamp featuring a spun brass plate base which ingeniously incorporates hidden touch control to adjust the brightness and all to turn the light on and off. With a copper version in development we are chuffed to bits to have these beautiful lamps in store.

East London Scenes by Tom Jones-Berney

Slow lighting was not the only piece of great design that came to the shop recently. We were also visited by Jess, the sister of artist Tom Jones-Berney and asked if we were interested in having some of his work in store. As soon as we saw the vibrancy of the images along with the subject matter that are drawn (geddit?) from places so close to both stores, in fact less than 100 yards from each store, 

We love them and think you will too.


2nd May 2016

Wästberg Lamps Illuminate our stores this week


Wastberg lighting have a philosophy which goes like this....

‘Decrease general lighting and use direct lighting. Direct lighting should have all the basic properties of task lighting, but a wider area of use. Direct lighting should include energy efficient light sources, minimal glare, flicker free light, plenty of light evenly distributed over a large surface, and the ability to adjust light intensity.’

We have a philosophy which goes like this....

"Wow those are beautiful lights, I bet they'd look great in the people's houses that come into the shop"

Come and see who's right


1st April 2016

Have you got your sky planters yet? (just asking)

Ada Street's new Plant area at the rear of the store

Ada Street's new Plant area at the rear of the store

Everything's Gone Green as New Order once sang, well that's true this weekend as Design Store teams up with RebelRebel at our Ada Street store to bring exciting new growth in our plant area at the rear of the store with amazing shrubs, cacti and containers. All plants and containers are for sale and not just for show. Scroll down for more details about the amazing upside down sky planters from Boskke and containers from Chive.

          However, we don't stand still at Design Store. Oh no, you could never accuse us of                                         being stationary.      

Pana Stationery

           See what I did there? Come and see Pana's beautiful range of stationery products all in delicate                  timber that are absolutely stunning. We've very pleased to have them on board


            Also new this week are products from Qualy. We have a number of lovely items, not the least of               which are their sparrow key-rings, and who wouldn't love a giant storage pear?


25th March 2016

 Boskke - Sky Planters 

Amazing Sky Planters from Boskke , an  innovative design company that encourages abundant greenery in homes and workplaces everywhere. Their planters celebrate and support plants in and out of the home. They recognise that an environment with many plants not only looks beautiful but also increases oxygen and filters air, and in homes where space is a premium their sky-planters not only look brilliant but solve a space problem too!




Once you have finished hanging your favourite plants from the ceiling you can then come back to earth and brighten up your space with some lovely flowers in Chive's beautiful vases. They believe why spend a fortune on a dozen flowers when one or two displayed in the perfect vase makes a much more beautiful statement?

It's hard to argue


18th March 2016

Swissted prints from Mike Joyce

Swissted is an ongoing project by graphic designer Mike Joyce, owner of Stereotype Design in New York City. Drawing from his love of punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two movements that have (almost) nothing to do with one another, Mike has redesigned vintage punk, hardcore, new wave, and indie rock show flyers into International Typographic Style posters. Each design is set in lowercase Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk medium—not Helvetica. Every single one of these amazing shows actually happened!

New lighting from Storm Furniture

From their local workshop near Halesworth in Suffolk, Storm Furniture design and make a visually stunning range of home lighting. All their products are 100%  hand made to order by Terry Croucher in an Eco-Friendly workshop using a mix of modern and traditional techniques we have a great selection to choose from in store along with many swatches so you can mix and match to your heart's content.

71 Designs

Creating and work with his hands, furniture maker Simon Robinson passionately crafts quality bespoke designs  in his London studio. Making one off pieces and custom work is the driving force behind 71DESIGNS. Working with solid woods, each piece is truly original. Here in the store we have a selection of his gorgeous storage boxes and exquisite cheese boards. Along side those smaller pieces we also have a selection of his furniture pieces including hall and bedside tables.

Tala lighting

Formed by four partners at the University of Edinburgh, Tala now produces beautifully designed LED lights from their Camden base. The ethos is to produce beauty, functionality all in one long lasting carbon free bulb. Guaranteed to last over 30,000 hours (that's about 10 years normal use), these long life LED bulbs are sure to bridge the gap soon to be vacated by the phasing out of filament bulbs. On top of that, 10 trees are planted for every 200 bulbs sold.

11th March 2016

If Places Were Faces

Jon Rundall and Luke Frost have produced a map of London made up of celebrity name-a-likes. From Thames Barrier McGuigen in the East, Grayson Perivale in the West,  Robert Palmer's Green in the North and Christopher Biggins Hill in the South and all points in-between. Come See


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