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New In store this week 

We are delighted to present brand new images from Dieter Braun to brighten up the store just in time for the clocks to spring forward next weekend. With his beautiful, bold animal prints we have had him in store ever since we opened but are really pleased to have his latest pictures which highlight birds and colour and are sure to brighten up any space as we emerge from winter's gloom.

Timepieces from Newgate

As the clocks go forward at the end of the month we though it high time we updated our clock selection and got the pick of Newgate's new time collection. To that end we introduce the new Fred alarm clock selection is a variety of bold colours to get you up and awake to great the summer.

Fred Alarm Clocks

Fred Alarm Clocks

We also have their new selection of silicone wall clocks from the Andromeda range to the slightly smaller Pantry range in a selection of bold colours to suit any surroundings. Couple that with our range of other wall clocks in a variety of styles we're sure there is something to see in British summertime in style. What are you waiting for? Clocks ticking....

Designers from just up the road and ex Broadway Market alumni Art Vinyl have their latest Play&Display flip frames which allow you to turn your vinyl into art vinyl by popping the LP into the frame (please note teenagers - it doesn't work with MP3's). Come and see what's on our wall.



Also week we have 3 new products in the store for the first time. we are delighted to hopefully start a long collaboration with photographer Simon Phipps. He produces a series of screen prints on aluminium entitled 'Brutalism'. These are a series of images that Document the New Brutalism, the term given to a period of British Architecture associated with Alison and Peter Smithson amongst others with their work loosely spanning from 1954 to the early seventies. We were delighted when the first of his prints arrived today, all neatly packaged, it's of Balfron Tower, come and see it for yourself.

Unpacking Simon's Balfron Tower screen print on aluminum, stunning.  

Unpacking Simon's Balfron Tower screen print on aluminum, stunning.


Right Chop Chop - moving on. We were delighted to come across a company called Nosh Home who amongst other things produce a great range of chopping boards. We have a selection that arrived today, plain, reversible with integrated trivet and even with detachable food catchers. I know, who knew eh?

You won't be bored with there boards

You won't be bored with there boards

New perpetual calendars from Block. It's the shortest month of the year so let's celebrate all things calendar, it's not like it's a 31 day month, the days will speed by, right in front of your eyes. So long as you move the magnets!

James Brown Information Prints

Eliza Southwood


Comic Art

Atomic Printworks

As well as many others from Alfred and Wilde to East End Prints. Also don't forget there is 10% off everything else from Toys , Homewares and jewellery, a chance to get an early valentines treat!



We have new product from 



Come and see their amazing spinning reversible table, we have the prototype in store right now. Has to be seen in the flesh to appreciate how brilliant it is

Essemge Jewellery

Produce Candles

Stolen Form

We already stock their London Brick vase and Salt and Pepper pots. We now have the coloured range in the London brick vase.

New Ella Doran

Featuring her latest range of cushions and brand new leather tote bag

Newgate Clocks

E1 Candles

We are the only retail store for E1 candles, but that won't last long!

We are the only retail store for E1 candles, but that won't last long!

We are introducing new designs and new designers to East London Design Store this Thursday 20th November. Please feel free to swing by and enjoy a glass of wine and the chance not only to purchase but meet some of the designers behind some fantastic products.

Rebecca Killen. 

Rebecca Killen is an emerging ceramic designer specialising in luxury interiors accessories and unique giftware. From her studio in Northern Ireland, Rebecca designs and creates functional pieces individually decorated using a variety of printing methods. 

The current collection is inspired by the nostalgia of everyday objects and traditional blue and white patterns. Each piece is hand made using fine bone china slip and decorated using cobalt, ceramic decals and finished with hints of gold lustre.




New Prints from Ham Made featuring wine drinking Rabbit and snowboarding Rabbit and a great selection of Rabbit Mugs all in gift boxes


Muru Jewellery is now in store, as a long time favourite at East London Design Show it was a no brainer getting their lovely new work here at Store HQ.

How many times has your mum told you to take your time and stop shovelling your food down your mouth. Well, thanks to The Food Guide, shovelling food down has never been more elegant or so much fun. Come see for yourself

Alfred and Wilde - not content with great prints and ceramics come and see their jewellery collaboration with bold geometric shapes. Don't take our word for it, look told you

We've invited the neighbours round. On the same street as us lives a Parasite. Only like probiotic parasites, Parasite ceramics is a good thing and that's why we are delighted to have their ace Christmas decorations. You'll be pining for Christmas before you know it. See what we did there?

Chase and Wonder

Who doesn't like lovely stationary beautifully packaged? Thought not - well come and see our new range in store from Chase and Wonder

Showing in store this weekend we have the complete range of British made Lane Lighting in fantastic two-tone combination colours

Old friends Galore are back from another triumphant jampionships,  come and check out our new expanded seasonal abundance from our favourite jam, pickle, preserve and now vinegar supplier. Bring meringues!




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